Craucary is the Third Planet of the GOBAS Galaxy, barren at first but terraformed by the immense resources of the Solaris Defense Concord giga-organization along with its sister planets, Tostrinda and Mushoria in the Prison Triad. Its formal title, recognized by all, is The Anomaly Planet Craucary.

Background (History)

In the Terraformation Era, the organization known as the Solaris Defense Concord was created by the fearsome political influencer Ahab Blackwater. The Solaris Defense Concord spent time gathering wealth and resources before eventually launching a massive campaign backed by every planet to stop shipping prisoners to the Desert Planet Rethunes and begin a massive overhaul of the rehabilitation system.

The system was as follows: Any prisoner that was below the standard known as the "Extreme Level" was sent to Mushoria. Dangerous non-powered individuals were sent to Tostrinda. All powered individuals known as Anomalies are sent to the Craucary Chaos Containment Center.

You never leave Craucary or Tostrinda. If you are sent there, prepare for a lifetime of hell.