Yeglaezuno is the Ninth Planet of the GOBAS Galaxy, granted life by the universe in the Beginning Era. It was the foundation on which the galactic organization the Yeglaezuno Interplanetary Resource Federation was formed. Its formal title, recognized by all, is The Shining Planet Yeglaezuno.

Background (History)

Yeglaezuno was one of the Chosen Five planets (Xacluphus, Skorth, Gaswarth, Swilia GN3, and of course Yeglaezuno) to be given life by the Life Code.

(to be continued because the lore is in shambles right now)

Notable Inhabitants

-The currently unknown leader of the Yeglaezuno Interplanetary Resource Federation

-Yeglaezuno's government

-Yeglaezunoian citizens

Notable Aspects

Yeglaezuno is a green and clean industrial planet. It boasts a central triad of cities known as the Coaxium Triad which consists of the Capital City Coaxium, as well as the great Zafic and Rikido. It's very technologically advanced.